Core range


hoppy pale ale

4% abv

6 ebc

40 ibu

hoppy pale beer with citrus and berry fruit flavors from American, English & new Zealand hops.

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Amber bitter

an easy drinking traditional english amber bitter with well-balanced flavours from pale, crystal, wheat and chocolate malts along with fuggles and goldings hops.

4.1% Abv

31 ebc

32 ibu

john barleycorn


5.5% abv

21 ebc

59 ibu

english fuggles, goldings and target hops blended with pale and crystal malts to recreate the taste of an original 1800's english ipa. a beer transported to india that gave the beer style its name

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Ploughman's lunch

pale ale

3.8% abv

7 ebc

34 ibu

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alight refreshing, crisp blonde beer brewed with extra pale malt. the hop is saaz, traditionaly used in continenal lagers giving a typical earthy lager hop flavour.

victorian porter


5% abv

225 ebc

30 ibu

an 1800's recipe recreates a beer style from the time when porter was popular. generous amounts of brown and black malts give a rich roasted coffee flavoured dark beer.

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8 Sail PC - Windmill Bitter PC.png

windmill bitter

pale amber bitter

Pale amber bitter. pale, crystal and Cara malts are a base for a fruity flavour from Columbus pilgrim and cascade hops.