Come inside (the marquee)

This is just a quick post to give an update on how things are post May 17. This is, of course Step 3, of the government roadmap to reopening the country. Rules on gathering indoors have been relaxed, so that six people or two households may now meet up inside. The question you may have is: "How does this apply when I'm visiting 8 Sail Brewery?"

We have reinstalled the sides of the marquee, so that it provides more protection from the elements (thanks British weather!) However, we are not currently encouraging people to sit inside the bar during shop hours. We have some lovely infrared heaters in the marquee ensuring it will be toasty enough for anyone who want to sit 'inside'.

Back with the beer cave

Table service is still in place, as part of the guidance is that customers must be served, eat and drink whilst seated. So for the time being, you'll have to continue to enjoy watching us run around like headless chickens on a Friday night!

Whilst you do still need to be seated, we cannot reserve tables, please stop asking, or keep asking... it's fine... we aren't going barmy... at all... maybe... don't ask. The tables are owned by the Windmill, and prioritised for the cafe, so we cannot reserve them for the bar.

However, the good news is that you can meet in groups of up-to 30 outside, but since we still need to serve you away from the bar (which is inside) we will continue with table service for the time being.

If you are coming inside to use the shop, please continue to wear a facemark and practise all that good stuff, like using hand sanitiser. Continue to sign in, or scan the QR code. Continue to be considerate of people around you. We're all adults (hopefully), so I'm sure between us we've got this.

Happy Drinking!

Eight Sail Brewery

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